Fotomate Wedding | The disposable camera for your wedding

Fotomate Wedding

The best wedding camera for your guests

Our wedding offer

The new disposable camera

With FOTOMATE, disposable cameras are becoming handy : pay only for the printed pictures, no logistic is required, we take care of the shipping, you don’t need to do anything

Pictures for everyone

Your guests not only receive their printed pictures, but also a selection of pictures chosen by you. The newly weds, receive all the pictures taken by the guests during the wedding

Timeless memories

Personalized pictures, thank-you note, special wedding packaging… Offer to your guests a great gift that they could proudly pin on their fridge

D-3 : A custom disposable camera

We create together a disposable camera that looks like you : you can choose the color, the frame and the message on the pictures, the beautyshot, or even the promo code

D Day : Time to snap some memories

Your guest just have to download the app and enter the promo code to get his camera. Easy and simple

D+4 : The guests discover their pictures

Your guests receive their pictures, a selection of pictures from the official photographer and a thank-you note

D+5 : Receive your guests’ pictures

5 days after the wedding, you will receive all the pictures taken by your guests. Also access all the pictures on our digital platform to share it with who you want.

The FOTOMATE advantages

No logistic no stress

Enjoy your wedding day without any stress, FOTOMATE takes care of everything. We send the pictures to all your guests only a few days after your wedding

Good quality and great prices

Best analog printing and up to 70% of discount compare to traditional cameras

Say thank you to your guests

Add a note and a picture to thank your guests

Royal Wedding

per camera

A 8 printed pictures camera for your guests, mailed to them


Add 1 selected picture as a thank you note


Customized application* (for more than 50 cameras order)


Customized magnet


Receive all the pictures taken by your guest printed at home and in digital

*available from 100 cameras

Add 0,50€ for European Shipping and 1,50€ for worldwide shipping.